Prima Property Agency provides real estate services which are effective and worthy to meet all the real estate needs, thereby giving the comfort, convenience and ease of mind.

The client’s real estate needs will be attended to by our team of professional and experienced negotiators who are specialist in their respective sectors of the real estate, ie. residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and development properties.


We also provide comprehensive professional advice and assistance to property owners in the leasing and sales of their real estate including new development projects. Our marketing service covers all types and classes of real estate such as:

  1. Leasing and sales of commercial buildings comprising shops, office buildings, retail centers, hotels and condotels;

  2. Leasing and sales of residential buildings comprising houses, apartments and condominiums;

  3. Leasing and sales of industrial lands, factories and warehouses;

  4. Sales of development sites and the packaging of joint - venture developments;

  5. Sales of agricultural estate and holdings.

In essence, our property marketing service is comprehensive and comprises professional advice and consultation, marketing campaigns and promotions, conducting property viewings and negotiations based on a “Win-Win” approach and closing deals with relevant contract documentation.


We also provide comprehensive professional advice and assistance to property end users who are either prospective tenants looking for suitable accommodations or prospective purchasers looking for good property investments. Similarly, our end users’ property service covers all types and classes of real estate.

Our convenient end users’ property service comprises inter alias;

Giving professional advice and consultation to end users on the property market;

Assembling and presenting a good selection of suitable properties based end users requirement;

Helping ends users to identify and select their suitable properties;

Making necessary arrangements and accompanying end users to view and inspect their selected properties;

Our end users properties services proves to be very useful to and is much sought after by the multi-national corporations in finding suitable and ideal accommodations for their expatriate ; and also in finding suitable office space for their corporate expansions or relocation.


We also handle project marketing of new property development schemes.

Our goal in project marketing service is to assist and create the leasing/sale of the development units in the projects so as to yield maximum profit in the minimum time for the developer.

Our project marketing team will implement the following broad scope of work for the benefit of our clients:

Effective Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing strategy is crucial to the achievement of successful marketing; and it needs to be based on market knowledge, detailed research and through preparation.

We will for our client and effective marketing strategy to create a good image for the project, leading to increase market awareness and creating demand from the right target group of end users.

Advice on Pricing

We will provide professional advice and recommendation on the pricing of the development units in the project so that the pricing will commensurate with the trend of market values to yield maximum profit.

It is pertinent to note that the correct pricing is of paramount importance to achieve the required success. Incorrect high pricing will lead to leasing / sale stagnation and later to price reductions, which is tactically wrong and will create a bad “stigma” for the development.

Advertising and Promotions

We can provide advice and liaise with the appointed advertising agent to come out with a selective press advertising program with presentation and timing to achieve maximum results; to produce attractive advertising format and visuals for an effective marketing campaign; to prepare suitable marketing tools; to erect prominent marketing signboard at strategic location for continuous publicity.

Marketing Service and Feedback

Our effective service will involve our making direct contact with prospective end users in the target groups, attending to enquires, effective follow-up, conducting viewing and negotiations and the signing of contract documents.

Our client will be keep informed with our monthly status report on the marketing progress.

Professional Advice

We believe professional real estate agency service at all levels require skills, sound judgment based on training, experience and awareness of all factors influencing values and rental of properties. The effects of legislation, Government actions and neighboring development are extremely pertinent in the field of real estate investment. It is therefore of utmost importance that clients receive immediate and correct advice on the above-mentioned effects.

We keep our clients up-dated on the market trends, new developments and legislations.